Looking for a Pinewood Derby track in the UK? To run a Pinewood Derby you will need to find yourself a track to race on!

You have three options…

1. You can find DIY instructions online for building your own track, or, even better, have someone build it for one! Over time I will be posting tips and ideas about how you can build your own and develop the features of your track.

2. If you ask around different organisations then you might find that someone has a Pinewood Derby track that you could perhaps ask to borrow from them. Alternatively they might be interested enough to give you a hand in building a track that you could share between you!

3. Send us an email if you would like to discuss having us build a track for you – we may be able to help! Email us >>

Meanwhile, a good place to start, if you are considering building your own track, would be reading about how we built our first track for running Pinewood Derby events, back in 2010…