Kids Birthday Party!

A Pinewood Derby Birthday Party Рfor this cars themed birthday activity these pre-shaped wedge kits were decorated by 3 and 4 year old kids! They were provided with a table to choose from a while variety of foam stickers, felt tipped pens and sharpie markers!

With the help of adults they had wheels added to their blocks, and then they got to race them along a track with their friends ūüôā

Best of all, they got to take their car home as a memento, along with a piece of cake, a helium balloon and their party bag!

Primary School Welcome


Pupils starting school this year with¬†Primary 1 classes at Cramond Primary School in Edinburgh were invited to participate in¬†a Pinewood Derby! A great opportunity for the young people to show off their creativity and craft¬†skills, building their own car to race with¬†their new friends ūüôā

For adults coming along to support their child there was also the chance to meet other parents, some new to the school and others with experience of having older children at the school. Perhaps also comparing notes with other dads, grandparents and siblings who might have been involved in building the cars for the race!

There was a wide range of car designs, with Batman, The Flying Scotsman and “Cars” film characters¬†being represented, as well as Thunderbird 2. Trophies were awarded to the top 3 racers that made it into the final, and there were 2 design awards up for grabs. For almost all of the participants this was the first time they had ever seen a Pinewood Derby, let alone taken part. This was the third Pinewood Derby fundraising / social event organised and run by the Cramond Parents & Staff Council, and we’re looking forward to the next one already!


Groups that run Pinewood Derby in the UK

I thought I would try to capture a list of groups in the UK who have run a Pinewood Derby (and posted info online about it!). Partly as a way of taking a snapshot of how popular Pinewood Derby is in the UK just now… I’m not pretending that this is¬†an absolutely comprehensive list, but here it is – let me know if I’ve missed your group out!

122 Craigalmond Scout Group (Edinburgh)

107th Pentland Scout Group (Edinburgh)

51st Balerno Scouts (Edinburgh)

15th St Helens Scout Group

Petersfield District Scouts

1st Winchester Scout Group

1st Great Baddow Scouts

1st Liss Scout Group

Potters Bar & District Scouts

 3rd Heswall Scout Group

 Highfield Scouts

1st Callow Scout Group

1st Longwell Green Scouts

Brighton & Hove Scouts

3rd Ware Scout Group

Bristol District Cubs


Pinewood Derby Fundraising

People always respond better to requests for money when they get something in return! Running an charity fundraising event, like a Pinewood Derby, that involves people is a lot of fun, and participation means that you are more likely to attract an audience…

If you charge Pinewood Derby participants a ‘race entry fee’, or advertise the¬†cost of a¬†car kit, then you can cover some of the cost of your event, or begin to raise funds to support a project, purchase of equipment, or whatever.

In the first phase of our experience with this aspect of Pinewood Derby, in the context of a Scout Group, this meant that we were able to cover the cost of building our track!